Saturday, 30 August 2008

Expanding into foreign markets: The Penguin translated into other languages.

The Penguin Disagrees is an internationally minded band: We have previously written songs including German (Dr. Monzook), Spanish (Che Guevara T-Shirt), and several other languages, and of course, we speak to the world with the international language of music. I'm in Shanghai, China, at the moment and I take every opportunity to distribute our music to people of many different nationalities.

Our musical influences also include songs written in several foreign languages, be it the Swedish psychadelic rock of Dungen, or the Beatles-like Portuguese stylings of Brazil's "Os Mutantes", to name but a small sample.

Recently I have been investigating Chinese rock music, and become something of a fan of Cui Jian (崔健)Hei Bao - Black Panther (黑豹) and Tang Chao - Tang Dynasty (唐朝). You can look them up at this useful Chinese rock music resource. If you need a fix now, have a look at this video by Hei Bao, or listen to these famous songs by Cui Jian: Nothing To My Name (一无所有), and A Piece of Red Cloth (一块红布).

As an international rock band, we have occasionally released limited edition cds, such as a "US edition" (see picture), but if we are to expand into foreign markets, we at least need a Japanese edition with bonus tracks. In the meantime I decided to translate our name into several languages so when the time comes we will be ready. Disagrees was skeptical, but I think he was just trying to live up to his reputation.

German: 'Der Pinguin Stimmt Nicht Zu'
or 'Der Pinguin ist Anderer Meinung'

Chinese: 企鹅不同意 (qi'e bu tongyi)

El Pingüino Discrepa

Le Pingouin Est En Désaccord

Japanese: ペンギンは合わない

Portuguese: O Pinguim Discorda

Russian: пингвин противоречит

Swedish: Pingvinet Ogillar

If you have any corrections or translations for other languages, please let us know. I was just using nciku and babel fish

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