Saturday, 30 August 2008

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Bruce Lee style.

"Some tea, Mr. Braithwaite?"

"We need emotional content" said Disagrees to me the other day. "What?" I said. "It's like a finger, pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger..." he said, hitting me with his flipper, "or you will miss all that heavenly glory".

Disagrees has evidently been watching this Bruce Lee scene recently. "Jack," he said "We want to be rock-stars. Yet you are working on SEO, or in other words, spamming". "For the moment", I replied, but he cut me off- "Let us utilize the skills you are learning" he said, with a cunning look in his eye.

You see, nobody is going to be searching for the Penguin Disagrees who doesn't already know about us. But a fascinating blog full of interesting stories and links will bring us fans. Let us therefore operate according to the methods of Bruce Lee and Kurt Vonnegut.
The whole SEO thing is decidedly un-rock and roll, but Disagrees is frustrated with his lack of internet fame. I mentioned this to Alex, and he said that for this reason we should write songs with popular search engine keywords in them: "The Penguin Paris Hilton Nude Video Hot Sex Barbados Insurance Song". This is one of several projects we are currently considering.

The opening scenes of "Enter the Dragon" when taken together, are possibly my favourite opening scenes in the history of cinema. Incidentally, the part with the finger is reminiscent of certain zen koans, or sayings.

Speaking of Zen koans, this is my favourite:
"Does a dog have buddha nature?"

Here are some 'Broken Koans'

Pokey the penguin is probably the favourite source of Zen for Alex and me.

Disagrees wants to remind you that this blog is therfore only the finger pointing away to the moon- do not concentrate on the finger and miss all that heavenly glory.

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