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"What's This All About, Officer?"; Brief History And List of Internet Resources.

Who are we?

Disagrees is a semi-fictitious Penguin. As claimed in his autobiographical work: "A Mind To Disagree", he stems from Antarctica. The origin of Disagrees' name is uncertain, he himself has only ever gone so far as to say "They name us after third person verbs here in the big freeze" (ibid.) It is possible that this is a self-styling, or a nickname given to him by friends or acquaintances (it is not clear whether he has any close friends) based on his apparent inclination to gratuitously disagree with things.

Disagrees the Penguin shot to semi-fame in the summer of 2006 when a band named
"The Penguin Disagrees" was set up by two Oxford students, Alex and Jack. The two had already come together to create their seminal work "Che Guevara T-Shirt", a call to arms against what they saw as insidious influences (read, every single person playing Tenacious D followed by Maroon 5), and lack of standards/innovative content at the "open mike nights" happening around the city. Initially part of the bands raison d'etre was to confuse people at said open mike nights, and attempt to shake semi-listeners out of their complacency.

This song was still in its early stages and had not yet been unleashed on the unsuspecting public when the band name was dreamed up in Alex's room in the Old Quad of
Brasenose College one balmy June day. A noun and third person verb was required, and fate threw Alex, Jack, and Disagrees the Penguin together, in an unlikely creative collaboration the likes of which the world had never seen. The song "Pharaoh" was written almost immediately after the name was decided upon. In the lyrics of this dreamlike, semi-baroque bluesy reggae improvisation, The Penguin is placed in Egypt, around the time of Moses and the Exodus, as an economic advisor to the Pharaoh with a lavish benefits package, and the Penguin's penchant for disagreement is blamed for influencing the Pharaoh's decision not to agree to Moses' demands. This self referential myth-making was to become an important part of the bands style, and reflects the penchant for tall tales and self-aggrandisment of Disagrees himself.

Jack, Alex, and Disagrees continue to make their music, and stay true to their roots. They aren't gigging at present, however, owing to geographical issues, but have several ideas for concept albums in the works. Disagrees is chafing at the bit, though, and as he is on principle opposed to any form of complacency, he has decided to start an aggressive internet marketing campaign.

Why a blog?

The Penguin Disagrees is plastered all over the internet in a way that should by now have made them some sort of 'internet phenomenon', and yet the band, and Disagrees himself, are not yet famous. "Nay" says Disagrees "Fame does not tempt us- but we would like those theoretical listeners and semi-listeners who we know would appreciate us to have the opportunity to hear our music before they die. I am opposed to the present situation". Disagrees therefore wanted a blog or two to let people know about the band, its members, what they like, what they do, and so on, as well as, of course, being able to vent his opinions, which are often not in agreement with those of other people.


Jack is conducting field-work in China, looking for a new sound. Alex is in Oxford, furthering his musical ambitions in a multitude of fields. Disagrees is semi-invisible, and is somewhat vague about his location; some say Disagrees only exists in those moments when Alex and Jack are creating a new song together, but Disagrees, predictably, strongly disagrees. "That's bollocks", he fumes. But today, in this modern world, "where" can also mean "where on the internet?". As the band, more than Disagrees himself, are spattered all over the internet, here is:

A List of Important, Canonical, Resources
compiled by the penguin 'Disagrees'.

Our entire current official catalogue is available
here, at Indmill.
so far we have made enough money for Jack and Alex to buy a king size chocolate bar each. Disagrees is saving his cut for something bigger.

It is also here, at Amiestreet.
Feel free to download the whole lot.

Last FM has a page for The Penguin Disagrees.
This is supposed to make money somehow, but Jack can't figure out how to use it.

Several of our songs have been reviewed at Redfizz, and you can also download them for free.
There are some funny reviews on here.

Our Myspace is, of course, where it all started, and Disagrees plans to restore this page to its former glory in due course. This is still the first port of call for all Myspace friend requests and so forth.

What would Disagrees' plan for Internet phenomenonness be without viral videos? Well, music videos at any rate?
Here is our video for the song 'Space Cadet'
Here is our video for the song 'La Forma De La Luna'

Hold on a second, I thought you said "spattered all over the internet"? This is barely a sprinkling of what I was expecting!
Well, we are also at a couple of other sites:

In an early attempt to make piles of cash to roll around in like Uncle Scrooge in Ducktales, we made our music available for sale at the WeMusicStore
Feel free to buy it, but we'd rather you got our official canon from Indmill of Amiestreet.

If you want to podcast us, look at our site on the Podsafe Music Network

This Mevio site has some of our stuff on it.
I'm not sure what it does- it may also be to do with podcasting. If you do decide to listen to our music here, be warned- "Explicit Lyrics and Outrageous Basslines!!"

Here we are at Channel 4

Meefo have our song
"Che Guevara T-Shirt". I have no recollection of this site.

If you have a band and you want to promote your music, maybe you can try some of these sites yourself. But Disagrees would rather you just became a fan of his band.

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