Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New Horizons

大家好!欢迎你们又来访问我们区区的博客。希望别来无恙,你们没太想 “不同意” 了,我们博客的主题以及偶尔当作家小看不见的企鹅。

No, our blog hasn't been taken over by zealous Chinese hackers, I just thought it was time to post something- anything- to prevent it slowly sliding into obscurity, and taking our grand schemes of internet fame with it. Before I start re-purposing the blog, though, either diversifying the already plentiful topics covered, or simply writing more error-stricken Chinese prose, I thought it would be a good idea to draw the attention of our loyal readers and fans to the current activities of the band and of our antagonistic antipodean friend, Disagrees the penguin.

The fickle muse that he is, Disagrees last graced us with his presence in January or so (although he may have been present at a recent Rum convention), when we recorded some brand new songs, which we are in the process of releasing into the world. One place we like to put our songs is on Redfizz, where a discerning audience can give us helpful feedback.

Please have a listen there to one of our new tunes, 'Good Books'.

Also, we made some kickass videos, which are on Youtube.